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20180127001da by TOM-fembox

The character "Brave Yuko 3rd" I designed was mounted in
the Japanese blowser game "Ring Dream"…

I don't know the details, but I began.
Recently, some users asked me if I have own Patreon site.
I already have patreon account but this is for watch only.

If I begin the patreon site, what kind of thing you would like?
RDtaiwan by TOM-fembox

The Taiwan version "Ring dream" started formally.
Although it seems that only the user of Taiwan can play,
please play, if you're feel thats good.

[Official FB page]…

[Official page](Probably only the person of Taiwan can see. )…


I try to use new poll system because there is a continuation vote prohibition function.

If you're OK please access to my blog entry (Below link)…

Mature Content

Miyuki vs Sayuri THE LAST BATTLE by TOM-fembox

[2018/2/12 update]
I have decided sales stop of this work "Miyuki vs Sayuri THE LAST BATTLE".
There are 3 reasons for that.

1. I know it uploaded illegally at various places.
2. This work got too old to sell now.
3. I want more many people to love this work and characters.

One year from now,  This work is exhibited FREE of charge.
I'm getting old. I have no time to draw many new works.  
When I stop activity, this work is also left.
Even if I left, I wish that this work is loved by someone.
How do you think? Please let me know your opinion.

Miyuki vs Sayuri "THE LAST BATTLE" (Prologue 13pages + Main story from "TOM4" 38 pages = all 51 pages )
*The "Prologue" added newly this time.
All jpeg images. All words in English. 17MB ZIP file

1) If you would like to have it.
Please send the payment to my Paypal account.

2) I will send the ZIP file, after I check payment.
If there's no mention ,the file is transmitted to the mail address which made payment.
When there is another address that you'd like to have the file, please tell me about it by a paypal message etc.

3)When a file does not reach having placed an order in 24 hours.
Please message me. on DA, on e-mail, etc.

*[ Problem report] Feb,19 2013
My mail cannot be sent to a South Korean mail address (naver, gmail,etc), and now it continues.
Maybe "Unsolicited junk e-mail" filter is applied.
If there are those who make payment and have not received comic yet, please tell me about it by a "DA note".

About three years ago, I published a book called "TOM4".
The book contained the first battle of Miyuki and Sayuri. (38pages)
This book was written in Japanese, and was released only in Japan, and was sold out.
Since then, I received a lot of request "make this into a zip file", it realized at last this time.

Probably, You really know these boxers, Miyuki and Sayuri.
However, if you read this, you will know why these two persons are rivals.

*English Adaptation by :iconsluggerx:
I don't know you know it or not,
I don't know you like it or dislike,
and You think its OK or NO,

This person is not real artist,

There's no original art in his gallery.
These pics are re-posted without permission of original artist,
TAIJI, PAPA, and Yurei.
(The majority of the gallery are Taiji's pictures.)

I know all these original artists.
Because they are my friends.

If you think this guy is real Taiji or Taiji's friend,
then I would say to you, "NO"
Finished underground topless boxing title match,
Winner and Champion is Miyuki.…

But I got some "Rematch" requests. OK I gonna do (maybe later).
Please tell me how D'you think about result of Rematch.

Who's winner:
How finish(blow):
loser's condition:

please visit my homepage
My old work "My Generation" is out on English DLsite.…

*attention: mainly used about Japanese in this Dojinshi.

check out My homepage:
Checkout my first own homepage.
My "Wrestle Angels" comic…
Now on sale on…
(Beware Japanese Page, English buying page will be up later)

If you have interested in Wrestle Angels Manga work,
Pleaese check it out my new DLsite page.
Hi all.
My new issue "TOM4" on sale for 1 month,
and hear the sales is good. thanks to all readers!

Now, I recruit "Miyuki vs Sayuri" situation
from everyone. and I going to draw it all as many as I can.
(maybe Black-white pencil work)

How'd you think who's win?
Winner's name, how to win, finish blow, costume, etc.

[Recruitment period] May.20

If you don't know Miyuki and Sayuri,
please go to my Deviations Folder
and check out the pics.


Hi, All

I made an account of Pixiv (Japanese DA).…

Add a new pic on there sometimes.
If you have interest about this site,
Please go to there from Link Above.

My 4th fem-boxing/pro-wrestling (and few pages for Sumo) comic
will be out , 31, March.…

Please check it out the site above.
Hello, I'm TOM.
hope you enjoy my female boxing art.